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Aloha. We are grateful that you have reached out to take a step in the right direction towards positivity and happiness.

This coaching and leadership development practice started in 2001 and has served the community and helped thousands of people to achieve their therapeutic, personal development, career and leadership goals.

Our Methodology

The Green Tara offers you a warm, supportive environment where you can safely explore your debilitating problems that hold you back from achieving your personal best.

The highly experienced counselors and coaches will engage with you in an interactive style and provide direct feedback. We enjoy working with you to help improve your life and guide you towards achieving your personal best and enhance your professional relationships.


We are proficient in working with include Chronic Pain, Codependency, Coping Skills, Divorce, Emotional Disturbance, Empty Nest, Family Conflict, Grief, Infidelity, LGBTQ, Marital; Premarital, Peer Relationships, Self Esteem, Spirituality, Teen and Women’s Issues



Our suite of treatments including Art Therapy, Authentic Leadership, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Creative Expression, Drama Therapy, Family / Marital Counseling, Humanistic Framework, Interpersonal Skills, Literary Arts, Mindfulness, Organizational Development, Philosophy, Positive Development, Psychodynamic and Team Dynamics.


These can be done face-to- face, Messenger, seminar style, Skype, teleconference, workshop, WeChat and Whatsapp Chats.


Our client focus is artists, celebrities, retirees, teens, young and working adults. We are skilled in working with Bisexual, Gay, Heterosexual, Lesbian, Transgender as well as Corporate clients.


About the Book

A daring biography by one of Singapore’s most prominent entertainment personalities, Dr Loretta Chen, as she shares her heartbreaks and valuable life lessons.

Laugh and cry together with her as she recounts her colourful life, from growing up with a famous sibling (MediaCorp actor Edmund Chen), being open about being a lesbian in staid Singapore and engaging in civic politics, to heart-wrenching accounts of having both parents stricken with life-threatening illnesses, dealing with her partner’s suicide and her very public failed business venture.

But just like a phoenix that emerges from fiery ashes, Loretta takes it all in her Jimmy Choo-clad stride and inspires readers with her positivity and zest for life!

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About the Book

This is a heartwarming, candid and frank biography of one of Singapore’s most prominent entrepreneurs and multi-hyphenate, Elim Chew.

In this book, Elim shares her lesser known familial histories, pangs of growing up, days of being wild, and the history and subsequent closure of retail icon 77th Street. In addition, she talks about her love for social enterprise, youth mentorships, recent ventures into F&B, logistics and technology, as well as her latest passion, fishing.

Through the book, we get a deeper understanding of who Elim Chew really is. We get to share in and learn from her community leadership, business experiences and unique perspectives on life. She also provides insight into newly independent Singapore in the 1970s as well as an insider’s glimpse into pop culture in the rocking 1980s and 1990s. We also get to know more of Elim’s hair-raising past, present motivations and future visions.

This colourful, visually arresting book is filled with photographs from Elim’s multi-faceted career, anecdotes from her life, engaging takeaway lessons, useful entrepreneurial tips and daily inspirations for anyone who wishes to be Driven by Purpose and Destined for Change.

“What a life! What a story! Everyone should know Elim.”
—JIM ROGERS, Legendary investor and author

About the Book

There is a saying that women hold up half the sky.  This cannot be more true than in the Singapore context where women form more than 50% of the workforce.  Madonnas and Mavericks : Power Women in Singapore is a tribute to the women who have contributed to the growth of Singapore.  They have demonstrated their ability to rise above the ordinary, push the margins as frontier and shown dedication and commitment to their craft and industries.  Never content to rest on their laurels, these women continually challenge the status quo in order to pursue their verve, vision and passion.

The list of illustrious women include Speaker of the House and Presidential candidate, Halimah Yaacob; Ambassador Jennie Chua; Professor Chan Heng Chee; Chairman of Workers’ Party Sylvia Lim, CEO of Hyflux Olivia Lum; top actress Xiang Yun, Paralympian Theresa Goh, Nominated Member of Parliament Janice Koh; Chef Janice Wong, eye surgeon Dr Geh Min; entrepreneurs Ivy Singh-Lim, Nichol Ng; Tjin Lee and Cynthia Chua; CEO turned artist Fanny Lai; music maestro Siow Lee-Chin as well as fashion magnate, Odile Benjamin.

The book features up close and personal interviews of these movers and shakers to illuminate their winning philosophy, positive mindsets as well as appetite for change.  It takes an intimate look into their personal gains and losses and how they overcome adversity as a source of pocket inspiration to all our readers.

The book will also become a launch pad for discussions on women’s issues, entrepreneurial and leadership roundtables as well as a series of events to celebrate these women icons in Singapore.  A sequel is already in the works.

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